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Have Your Say

We involve the young people we work with, in the development of our service, we value your thoughts, ideas, and feedback about your experience of our service. We would like you to have a say in how we develop and deliver the service.


We know at times you can have a negative experience of services and not feel like you have been listened to, we want to know we are getting it right, or how we can improve. Please let your worker know if there is anything you would like to feedback or contact us via our Live Chat or Anonymous Feedback Form.

Anonyumous Feedback

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Interview Panels

At all interviews for new staff members, we have a panel of young people from our service to help us decide to employ. You can find out about these opportunities through your worker.

Snapshop Survey

Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to give your thoughts about different topics in a short survey completed with support from your worker.

Advisory Groups

The advisory groups meet to develop new resources or review different aspects of our service and other Norfolk projects in order to make improvements.

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