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  • Short Story #1

    "Ever since I was young my dad always suffered with a drinking issue. It’s not until I got older that I realised it was also affecting my life. His drinking became worse when I joined sixth form, which is when it began affecting my day to day life. I was turning up to school exhausted, not just physically but emotionally. This was having an effect on my school work and learning. I knew it was no longer something I could handle on my own and I had to talk to somebody, but I didn’t know who to reach out to. I spoke to my school and shortly they got me in contact with The Matthew Project. I felt very nervous to talk to somebody at the Matthew Project as I was always very apprehensive to tell people about my home life due to fear of judgement. However, as soon as I met Sharon I felt instantly put at ease and she felt like a friend that I could talk to about anything. Sharon helped me to cope with the issues not only going on at home but also the stresses of sixth form. Even when I didn’t want to talk about what was going on at home, she would always listen to anything I had to say and would always give me positive advice. Throughout my 2 years with Sharon I have managed to cope with my dad’s drinking so much better and he is now receiving help and has quit drinking. I finished sixth form and now I’m at university and I don’t think I would’ve reached this point if I hadn’t received help. I am so grateful for the Matthew Project but specifically for Sharon who always helped me over every hurdle I came across" Do you feel like your worried about a family members drug/alcohol use? If so click the button below to find out more on how we can help support you.

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  • Drug & Alcohol Support for Young People | Norfolk | England

    Welcome! Here you can see our young people services that we run at The Matthew Project. Our services aim to support, empower and advise young people. YouCan If your worried about a family member or relative using drugs/alcohol, use the button below to see how we can help. ​ ​ This service is for: Age under 19's Living in Norfolk Impaced by family/relative drug/alcohol use Read More Unity If you are worried that your own drug/alcohol use is having a significant impact on you or others around you, click on the button below to see how we can help. ​ This service is for: Age under 19's Living in Norfolk Want to stop/reduce drugs/alcohol use Read More On Track Do you have barriers making it difficult to find/stay in education/employment. Use the button below to see how we can help. ​ ​ This service is for: 13 - 24 year olds Living in Norfolk At risk/not in education or employment Read More If you are a professional working with a young person or a parent/carer looking for support for their child, you can find out more about how we can help. ​ Please use the relevant button below for more info. Professionals Parents Accessibility We believe all young people should have equal access to information and support regardless of barriers. To see how we do this follow the button below. Read More Have Your Say We value our young peoples feedback and ideas. If you would like to see how you can have your say, please follow the button below. ​ Read More Your Stories Want to know about another young persons experience? Click the button below to see some short stories from other young people we have helped. ​ Read More What's new

  • Information Collecting and Sharing | Young People

    Information Collecting and Sharing This information on this page is about the information we collect and who has access to your data. We ask you for information so that you can recieve proper care and threatment We keep your information, together with details of your care, because it may be needed if we see you again. ​ What NDTMS is and does: NDTMS is the National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS). It is used by PHE to collect information about drug and alcohol treatment in England. If you consent, your treatment service will share some of your treatment information with NDTMS. ​

  • Advice & Info | Young People

    Advice and Information Here you can find resources for other sites, helplines and more. If you know of any resources that you think would be helpful to add to the list, please contact us via email. Details can be found here . Important Notice In an emergency situation, or if you feel you, or another person is at risk of immediate harm, call 999 for urgent support from police, fire or medical services. You can also access non-urgent police support by calling 101 and non-urgent medical advice by calling 111. ​ (*) Asterisk marked resources will take you to an external page not monitored by Unity. While we check these sites to make sure they are secure, we are not responsible for any information collected by/or given to them. Drug & Alcohol Information and Support CGL* Support for those affected by, or using, substances who are over 19yrs. Number: 01603 514 096 More Info Talk to Frank* Information about drugs, their effects and the law. ​ More Info NACOA* For children of problematic drinkers. Chat advisers are available. Number: 0800 358 3456 More Info Alcohol Education* Supports parents, carers, teachers and community leaders to keep young people safe around substances. More Info Drug Wise* Promotes evidence-based information on drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Not for individual support, just information. More Info Other Helplines & Websites Childline* Call 0800 11 11 for support or help for children aged under 19. ​​ More Info Kooth* Online wellbeing community. Free, safe and anonymous online support and counselling. More Info CEOP* Provide information and advice on how to keep children and young people safe online. More Info Samaritans* Call 116 123 for support and awareness around suicide. ​ More Info Young Minds* Young people and children's mental health charity. Has a 24/7 crisis text support at: 85258 More Info The Mix* Helps with mental health, money, homelessness, finding work, breakups and more. More Info SHOUT* Text SHOUT to 85258 for wellbeing support 24/7. ​ More Info First Response* Urgent 24/7 mental health support service for Norfolk and Suffolk. Number: 111 (Option 2) More Info Norfolk FYI Trusted help, advice and information for 11 to 24 year olds around their health/wellbeing. More Info Family Support / Concerned Others Family Lives* Parenting Support 24/7. Parent line on 0808 800 22 22. ​ More Info Just One Norfolk* Local support for young people, parents and professionals. Parent Line: 0300 300 0123 / 07520 631 590. More Info ADFAM* Support for family members affected by drug and alcohol issues. ​ More Info

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