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Our Support Offer to Targeted Groups

The Matthew Project Unity service provides 1-2-1 support for those aged under 19 who are worried about their own drug/alcohol use. Additionally, for targeted groups of young people who have increased vulnerability to substance misuse we can provide structured and unstructured educational sessions tailored to the needs of each group. Sessions can be delivered at a venue of your choice, including education establishments, youth groups and online, the length of these session can be negotiated based on the needs of each individual group. 

On this page, you will find out about the support we offer to vulnerable groups, our expectations of organisations and a booking form to request a session(s).   

Types of Sessions

By the end of the Session Participants will



Understand the effects, risks, and consequences in relation to a range of substances.

Explore and evaluate their prior knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes regarding their own substance use and the substance use of others.


Describe some of the health risks associated with occasional and problematic substance use.


Recognise and be able to challenge myths related to substance misuse. Reduce risk factors and access support for themselves or others.

Settings we provide groups for

  • Targeted Group in Universal Settings - Schools and Colleges - Targeted sessions for young people identified as being vulnerable or already using substances and consultation as and when needed

  • Home Schooled - Named Unity contact who can offer advice and consultancy to professionals supporting children and young people who are educated at home and consultation as and when needed.

  • Alternative/Specialist Schools - Bespoke Drug and Alcohol awareness sessions and consultation as and when needed.

  • Assertive Outreach for Vulnerable Groups - Bespoke Drug and alcohol session and/or informal engagement on request. We can deliver sessions to your groups and/or work alongside your workers to ensure that harder to reach young people can access appropriate advice and information and consultation as and when needed.

  • Professionals - Drug and alcohol awareness sessions for staff working with vulnerable young people in a range of settings including, Residential settings, Children's Services and mental health.

Our Expectations

  • The sessions for young people are for small groups where a need has been identified. The maximum number of young people that can attend the session is 10.

  • There will be a member of your staff available if needed.

  • Provide a confidential space for the group to have their session (this does not apply to the non-structured sessions which are out in the community)

  • Safeguarding – any personal disclosures made by young people during the session are handled confidentially and with sensitivity by one of your staff members.

  • Fill in our feedback form to support us to develop our sessions.

  • To make young people aware of why they are attending the session before we arrive.

Booking Form

If you would like to register your interest in booking one of our sessions, please click on the button below and fill in the form.

Feedback Form

After you have completed training with us, we would value yours and young people feedback to help us to shape our sessions. Please click on the button below to fill in our feedback form.

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