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A little about us

We are a Norfolk charity that provide a free confidential service to young people up to 19. These young people can be using substances themselves (we refer to this as Substance Misuse, or SM for short) or that have a parent, carer or sibling thats using substances that could be affecting them (we refer to this as Affected Other, or AO for short).

Worried your child is an Affected Other?

If your worried that your own, a relatives or other childs substance use could be affecting one of your children, we can support them.

Worried about your child's Substances Misuse?

If your struggling with a young person who uses substance, we can help. You are not alone: Drugs and alcohol can affect the whole family.

Support for you

We can provide brief support to parents who are worried about their childs substance misuse. This can include virtual group sessions, focusing on the exploration of family dynamics, boundaries, consequences and the development of support networks.

We also run a parent support group which runs monthly and provides a chance to meet other parents who are experiencing similar difficulties. The groups aims are to help deal with the worries and stresses faced while providing strategies to help you to cope and deal with the challenges that often arise.  The parent support group takes place 19:00 - 21:00 at 70 - 80 Oak St, Norwich, NR3 3AQ. Upcoming dates: 8th June, 10th August, 14th Sept. Booking is essential.

For more information on this specifically or to book a place, please email:

Change Grow Live (CGL) offer support for adults affected by someone else’s substance use and support adults who are struggling with their own substance misuse. You can find out more about the service by using the button below to visit their website.

Is the young person already engaged with Unity, or does the young person want a referral at this time?
Is the client a parent/carer of a young person using substances? If they are over 18, parent is not for this service and should be directed to CGL.
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“When shut out of your son’s life, and all doors seemed closed, The Matthew Project opened theirs.  A big thank you. As a parent I was desperate, how must my son feel?”

Anonymous Parent/Carer

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