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A little about us

We are a Norfolk charity that provide a free confidential service to young people up to 19. These young people can either be using substances (drugs, alcohol etc.) themselves (we refer to this as Substance Misuse, or SM for short) or that have a parent, carer or sibling thats using substances that could be affecting them (we refer to this as Affected Other, or AO for short).

We can also offer brief interventions to young people who may not require on going support. This can up to 3 sessions. 

If you are worried about a young person that doesn't want to engage with our service, we can provide you with advice and support to better help them.

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Referral Criteria

If you are unsure if the child/young person meets the minimum criteria, please get in touch. Our details can be found on the Contact Us page using the button below.

Affected Other

If you would like to refer an Affected Other, please use the referral form below.

Substance Misuse

If you would like to refer a client regarding their Substance Misuse, please use the referral form below.

Working with Families

We provide comprehensive support for our service users which can incorporate support for parents and carers. You can find out more about what we cover via the parents info page using the button below.

Getting Appropriate Accurate Advice and Information

We have a resources page where we link to relevant resources to help better inform and support young people, parents and carers. If you work for an organisation that you think would benefit the young people we work with, please get in touch.


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