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It can be worrying when a family member is misusing drugs/alcohol. Without realising this can have an impact on those arround them, like you. Below are a few ways in which you might feel affected by their misuse.

If you feel like these are relevant to you, our YouCan service can help. Scroll down to see how we offer support and how you can get in touch with us.

Common signs

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Our Support to You

We can support you in the following ways:

  • Regular tailored support and safety advice

  • Meet in a place you feel safe thats your choice

  • Flexibe contact range (phone, text, email etc)

  • Finding other support services to help you


We know it can also be hard explaining things to your family/guardians, which is where we can also help.

Positive Activities

Are you a child or young person affected by the drug or alcohol use of someone you care about? If you would like to join our youth club, or attend activities that we run over the holidays, please get in touch.

We offer positive activities for children and young people who are affected by the drug and/or alcohol use of someone they care about. Opportunity to build new friendships, learn new things and enjoy a broad range of activities.


Activities will take place on weekdays, evenings, weekends, and school holidays.  We can organise transport for children and young people who would be unable to access the sessions otherwise.

Get support

If you would like support from us, below is a button that will take you to one of our self-referral forms. If you are being supported by a social worker, teacher or youth worker, they can fill in the form on your behalf.

Contact us

Still unsure? Would you like to chat to someone before deciding if you want to recieve support? You can chat to us through our annonymous Live Chat, via Email or on the phone.

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