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Is it safe to talk?


Reading Aloud in Classroom

We want you to feel safe and be able to talk openly about things when you meet with your worker! You have a right to a confidential service and to disagree with us.

It is important for you to know that we do not share the information you give us unless we have your permission. In very exceptional circumstances we may have to disclose information.

This means we will only pass on information if we believe there is a risk of you or someone else suffering serious harm or a serious crime is planned or has been committed.

Data Protection

Everyone who sees a Matthew Project worker for support will have information about them held on our computer system.


How do you keep the information about me safe? Your file is password protected with additional security features. Your file might contain sensitive and personal information including details of the work we do with you. If we fill in anything on paper, this will be scanned onto a computer and shredded.


What will be put in my file? It will contain the things you tell us about yourself and may have information that other people tell us about you, such as forms filled in by other professionals (e.g. school, children services). We only record relevant information.


Why do you do this? We record information so that staff can make good decisions about the kind of support we offer you and to make sure you get all of the help you need. We also need to be able to explain and prove that we have been working well with you. Who sees the information? Matthew Project staff can see the information about you. They will only look at it if they are working with you or your family.

Can I see the information you have about me? Yes, you have the right to ask us for copies of your personal data. If you want to access your information, you can do this face-to-face, by email, on the telephone or by letter. We will respond within one month.


The Data Protection Law is in place to ensure we use your personal data lawfully and keep it safe. For more information, please visit -

Sharing Info

Classmates in the Library

With your permission, we will collect information for local and national statistics for our funders and to help plan our services.


We will only use your personal information with your consent and only for the purposes it was collected for. We will keep personal information confidential and will not disclose it to any third party without your consent, unless we are obliged to do so by law, or it is necessary due to your or someone else’s safety. We will always try to talk with you before sharing this information although this may not always be possible or appropriate.

Compliments and Complaints

If you would like to make any comments about The Matthew Project or tell us about something we have done well, please contact us.

We hope to give you the best service possible but sometimes problems may arise. We aim to deal with your compliant in a way which will put things right and stop problems from being avoided or covered up. If you complain it will not be held against you in the future. You will be listened to and your complaint will be confidential. We will try and deal with complaints on an informal basis by chatting through the problem. You can call your worker or another staff member by phoning 0800 970 4866. If this does not resolve the problem/issue, or is not suitable you can make a formal complaint.


Making a Formal Complaint

You will be asked to write your complaint down in an email, someone can help you with the writing if you want. You must complain within 3 months of the problem happening. We will explain to you how we will follow up your compliant.

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